Women’s correctional facility, non-receipt of donations, protection of COVID-19, rainbow, sandpipes,cleaners, underwear and napkins, and more donations, Thai social workers.

The people’s group, led by the farmers, the right to cultural heritage

is leading the common philosophy and assembly with the liberated feminists, along with…

Sand-Intira, Genipura, a famous actress, organized a “non-receipt” event at the Central Prison. The Gods invited and co-sponsored lingerie and napkins for female prisoners under the slogan “Health must be a basic factor.”

The rainbow says, from the beginning, that after leaving prison, the first thought was to reform the prison system,

specifically the living conditions of female prisoners.She’s a heavyweight

with a state penitentiary program and no supplies for female prisoners, especially sanitary pads and underwear.

Sand, Jepura says the problem of prejudice

and social attitudes towards prisoners still exists and is an obstacle to proper understanding and management of

the problem, in order for everyone to see the prisoner as being human, with such dignity.It should not be repeated

especially in the prison system, that the essentials of sanitary pads and underwear are necessary for all women

whether actors, activists or prisoners, and so they want to understand the need for

this section, which is not difficult to understand.

And I think I’m going to have to keep stressing the social conditions and prejudices surrounding this to the people involved, and…

Society sees the importance of what it hears from the rainbow-pussies and doesn’t think the prison is neglectful until sometimes

it’s like not giving humanity to prisoners, especially female prisoners.

However, today, the federal correctional services announced that the correctional facility

was closed and that it was not allowed to donate the property on the pretext of preventing

the spread of COVID-19, even though the rainbow-pushya had already coordinated the work, but the order was

issued.This leaves the commander at about 11:00 a.m., which does not allow the press to record images

within the prison or federal penitentiary.

The press is interviewing the people in front of the prison, even though

the group is trying to coordinate the collection or registration of donations, the authorities are not responding to one.

So a group of people and feminists who are liberated will bring underwear

and sanitary towels to the female prisoners later and will also be able to make additional donations.

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