Hilarious, the merchant fights a quid crisis, dimension as a fresh lifeline who sells his bags online in the middle of the woods, making a big sale.

In the case of online retailers, they’re putting on a live live live show through Facebook, selling merchandise and dressing up as a pajamas.Uh, intestines, hair, face, and a tree background, combined with the live performance that this trader used to attract so many visitors.

The dimension recently reported that the 4th P.M. had landed in the wilderness next to the brookstead. The mayor of J.K. met with a 36-year-old Lothian man, Roy Ed County owner Paige, who’s setting up a place to live for sale.

You mentioned that initially he was a messenger and a priest, and then he sold his bag at a night market, and then the economy got bad, and people didn’t buy much, so at first I didn’t think I’d sell it live, so I came back from Bangkok and I sold it on the local market, but I couldn’t.

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Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

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