The Nate who won 23 rounds, led a team of lucky fuckers to the “orangutan” with an electric scooter.

The Nate (January 1st, 64) Reporters report that after the results of the coup d’état, the state was divided into two factions.The rain queen with

the power of the devil, the award-winning 23-pound bitch with the luckiest man and the locals, the five-thousand-dollar little prize winner, has brought four electric scooters with all

the sizzle, the candy, the red water, the wheel to the platform of the orangutan,

the mighty measure, the lion’s temple,

the sacred temple, the temple, the temple, the temple, the temple.I’m famous for giving fortunes to people who’ve endured more than 30 years

There’s a lot of winners, but they haven’t come to fix it yet.

With a fortune-telling family traveling from the literary school and a fortune-teller’s family in Chennai.The

T won a total of 100,000 home runs, got 46.570 and 523,27 home runs, because the last one got

the home runs, and when he found out he got the prize, he straightened it out.

The rain queen, the Dech, revealed that the snake was 23rd in a row, and it was said that if it was brought in an electric scooter

the people would agree. So I said when I whispered my luck

this jar, even if it’s only three pages long but it’s only because I told my brother that even if it’s not much,

it’s still on the contract, and the electric scooter, the temple will use it.

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