Over 108 million people worldwide have died, over 2.3 million have died, 27.9 million have died, more than 4.8 million have died.

The World Meters website reports the situation at COVID-19, January 12th, 64, at approximately 7:15 p.m. on time.Thailand has found 108,259,503 infected people worldwide, an increase of 417,807 deaths, 2,376,593 deaths, 12,396 deaths, 80,291,589 deaths.

The country with the highest five infections is old.

1. The United States found 27,992,723 infected, 95,135 deaths, 486,534 deaths, 2,680. 17,919,063 missing persons.

2. India found 10,880,413 infected, 9,353 killed, 155,484 injured, 85 treated.10,587,351 missing.

3. Brazil found 9,716,298 infected, 53,993 killed, 236,397 killed, 1,452 loved.8.643,693 people lost April.

4. Russia, 4,027,748 infected, 15,038 dead, 78,687 dead, 553 cured, 3,538,422 missing.

5. United Kingdom found 3,998,655 infected, 13,494 dead, 115,529 dead, 678 cured, 2,056,2 lost.61 of them.

While Malaysia ranked 49th, 254,988 infected, 3,384 died, 936 died, 13 more. Heals 202,269 people.

For Thailand, number 114 has been found, 24,104 more than 201, 80 dead, 19,799 cured.

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