I’ve had enough of the first professor, told me that on January 27, 2564, at around 8

p.m., Deputy Chief Investigator of the National Geographic Council

Dr. Puddy, was informed by an astrologer at the age of 53.Your 57-year-old brother

the sheriff’s department, 100 years old, is coordinating with an investigation team on

the area where the suspect is being held for further investigation.

The suit invited the suspect to the interrogation desk for about an hour

so he confessed to having assaulted a girl three times

by assaulting his home twice and assaulting the victim one more

time, with the victim’s behavior ending in the middle of the day in the middle of the 6th century

which is just around the corner.Archangels continued to study, but the spread of

the COVID-19 virus led to the need to live in a house adjacent to one’s home.

by way of downThe rapist would give 200 baht each time and tell no one

the story that the unsub’s testimony was consistent with her statement.

At 1:00 p.m., on the 28th of June, 64, investigators gathered evidence from

the court for three counts of rape, assaulting a girl under 13, and taking a child under

the age of 15 to make a profit or subpoena before arresting the accused for a subsequent confession.

I’ve had enough of So the reporter landed at the scene of a house, a residence in a salt-free zone, a 100-year-old county sheriff’s office

meeting with the victim’s wife from a 53-year-old female interrogation

saying she felt sorry for the incident, because she never thought her husband would rape our 12-year-old granddaughter, who she just learned about yesterday.A real young woman, who would make her husband pay for

what he’d done, which his husband usually had a wife, but left before he could live

with himself. About 10 years ago, which used to be a good man, helped farm a field, but didn’t know what caused the crime.

I’ve had enough of the victim’s uncle, who said he had never heard of it before

and most recently, at 23:30 hours, the mother of a victim working in a foreign country called herself saying her granddaughter had been raped

and was now being delivered to the hospital, and she was on her way to meet her granddaughter so she asked what had happened.

My granddaughter said that around May 2563 when no one lived in

the house because they were out of work, and my uncle-in-law bought his house, which he didn’t say

which he asked her what she was doing before she came in and held him in custody before using her mouthwash, told her to lie down before she raped anyone, and then she got 200 money.And tell them not to tell anyone

or they’ll kill you, which is followed by two more rapes at the unsub’s house with similar behaviour.

I’m sorry, but I never thought this would happen to my family, who would go to

the coroner’s office to file a complaint.Further, on charges of trespassing and detention, one would like the police to proceed to the end of the law.

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