At 8:00 p.m., Complaining came to raise the mermaids with a police investigation team, the Mormaids Council and the villagers went to check out a convent near the private stone mill, after a complaint had been made by the villagers that the monks had lived alone with the monks in the convent for about five days.

The crime scene is about two kilometers off the main road into the jungle, where there’s no electricity, and in

the middle of the forest, there’s a cloister that’s a two-story wooden building down

the hall for a pretty dark room.At 60 years old

with a 50-year-old woman in a white cloak, and a man

including three men, sitting in a temple in the candlelight, praying.

Then the officer went in and interrogated a Complaining to be a relative by the mayor of the county, and

the priest said he had been missing for a long time, and then he gave evidence, and then the grown man who was in

the examination told him to feel the absence of a saint

and in the case of two men alone, he said,

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.The plaintiff found no guilt in this case, because initially it was found with three people.

After that, the statue changed clothes, and

the authorities ordered them out of the lab and out of the convent in the middle of the night.

Investigating women at the crime scene said they were Kajang Islanders

and they’ve known him for a long time, and they’ve been working together at one of Kajang Island’s convents, and

then they found out that the monks had moved to Kajang Island, so they’ve been following him along with their cousins

The other guy, who, after the incident, the authorities have recorded all the individuals and will continue to investigate.

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