“Joraninja” The reporter landed in some fancy village on some big street-some kooladas, some big mermaids, some big Mrs. J. Nitbury, by this village a grand village project costing from 5 million baht, according to the information that since last January, nine houses were left behind by the Joranja who had stolen property to the house by leaving traces of footprints and tracks. Before the escape went unpunished, the homeowners of some of the projects couldn’t bear to close the banner of the Joraninja arrest. Who have raided so many houses in this village and continue to raided so many, for leaving no evidence to follow, causing a headache for the police, that the owner of the house was afraid to leave valuable property in the house along with the name of the perpetrator, Joraninja.

Most recently, on the 12th of April, 64th, the owner of the 10th victim was taken home by this robber in the hope of stealing valuable property, but it turns out that the victim’s house was empty of valuables, so this unsub had nothing to do with it, but the burglar had taken the remains of the bathroom and left evidence of the break-in to the victim in a different light.

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